A couple of years in the past, as I ended up being one woman and an internet dating blogger, we wrote about internet site known as Hetexted.com. I am not attending lie — I became pretty mortified when I discovered it. After all, it was engaging, but an entire internet site specialized in analyzing messages from guys? I cannot actually.

I did not really think it would stay that very long, but had been shown wrong 2-3 weeks in the past when a friend sent me personally the web link to check out an internet site . she stumbled on. It actually was Hetexted.com. Honestly. It nevertheless is available. And, there can be even a book, inspired of the website, that is devoted to the exact same thing. We nevertheless are unable to even.

Now, i’ven’t browse the book, but used to do study some critiques and a lot of individuals think it is enjoyable or tragic. But, like I mentioned, i’ven’t read it so I cannot get truth be told there (though perhaps which will inspire another post).

So, let’s just talk about the website for the time being.  And in the place of wanting to describe everything I browse, I want to just allow genuine concerns speak on their own. Here you will find the first three that I read:

My flame fighter instructor. Unsolicited shirtless photos and something a lot more of him with his junk difficult tilting over a toilet! I don’t know what exactly is hotter than seeing naked photos you didn’t request from your own trainer in your bathrooms. Sigh

He is done this over and over again and that I’ve never ever answered. Does he just not get it? Why hold trying?


He text “Thinking of you when I drift off. However understand it really is a group text and it’s really maybe not the reality that the guy text additional ladies and is fine due to the fact weren’t unique or even thereon degree, but i do fault him for his absurdity and inactivity.

Should I respond that I know which he group text myself or hold overlooking their emails.


Will it be regular for a married guy to book you any 2-3 times or even more frequent to ask you things such as:

– have always been we eating dinner alone

– have always been I using metro house alone (note that he’s got powered myself

house before)

– whether i have packed for my personal getaway the night time before my personal trip

Its such as that bout of How I Met the mummy — oh honey. What i’m saying is, i wish to think all of us are a lot better than this, appropriate? Can we absolutely need an online site to decode the trick meanings right here?

If dude is actually sending unwanted nude pictures, you run! Or you report it to somebody. If you love it, you send out one straight back (just keep your face out). Despite, that you do not upload it on a site to ask just what it indicates.

And if some guy is actually class texting females, you additionally operate! Feel flattered for a while that you were the picked few, then again erase and move ahead. In addition, into the man who is party texting local women meet – have you ever heard of content and paste? It really is this pretty wizard development that you need to consider. It can most likely stop you from yourself sabotaging your whole game.

In addition wont actually reach the wedded guy who is texting you, but We guess you are able to guess my decision truth be told there.

Severely folks, this is not brain surgery here.

Really, the internet site simply fuels our very own must more than assess circumstances and our very own wish to have instant satisfaction. Nobody wants to just hold off it out and see if a man is actually into you. Because, you know, you’ll in the course of time figure out.

Part note: are we able to all just explore just how there is not a shetexted.com. Only something you should consider for one minute.

Therefore, no many thanks HeTexted.com, but i am going to move. If you ask me, this nonetheless feels like one particular tips which is truly brilliant when you’re intoxicated along with you pals, but not really much as soon as you sober upwards.

Image via Ultraslo1 on Flickr.